Artificial Grass Geotextile what is it?

Artificial Grass Geotextile is actually a felt-like layer used for artificial grass. As well as This geotextile is commonly used in road construction for airport runways. It is artificial

Because at high pressures and at high temperatures a soft layer is used as a protective between artificial grass and concrete or asphalt or any other type of cushioning. Another point to use is that in many cases the growth can be prevented.

Roots and thorns in cushioning Another feature of geotextile. That it is protective on soccer fields or on soccer fields. Artificial Grass Geotextile where their cushions are sand and drainage materials.

Another type of use is Geotextile for soccer fields. As well as soccer fields where their substrate is drainage material or pea gravel or almond gravel. And because it is a separator so that the underside of the lawn is not punctured and gravel. They do not get out of the artificial grass. As well as And in fact have the same strong protective order.

Artificial Grass Geotextile

Durable synthetic grass and Artificial Grass Geotextile

It is like a wax or as you can see in the picture below. As well as a Artificial Grass Geotextile is a white or green layer that sells geotextile in kilograms or square meters.

So if you want your artificial turf to last longer, As well as use the bottom layer. Like all layers of flooring, artificial turf should be on a suitable surface and if it is not mounted properly. As well as your artificial turf will have It will be difficult.

Uae carpet artificial Grass Geotextile always advises its customers. As well as especially in the sports field, to use the bottom layer and make sure that the contractor. And or company has used the bottom layer after the laying.

What is the bottom of the green is the same geotextile used for sports fields that have special grams for sports fields that are used on most football pitches for football and volleyball.

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