About Iranian carpet in Dubai

About Iranian carpet The carpet or carpet is a wider woven woven from the cotton fiber. And wool and in some cases silk, which is usually used to cover the ground . It is said to be a widespread and covered of carpet. Because the carpet and carpet have always had a roof role. So, it is now considered to be decorated on the decade as.

In 2014, the city of Kashan was introduced as the capital of the world’s carpet. And this lasting effect in the Constantic Heritage of UNESCO was recorded at 00383. Now, About Iranian carpet more than 1200 carpet and 700 carpet. Production plans in the Kashan and Aryan and Bidel region are active. [1] The carpet export in Iran is one of the most profitable economic activities. “Export carpets.

In the Pahlavi language, various words were used to refer to a variety of greatest. For exquisite phase of idol or bov, it was used for the gloss and carpet of the neutrition. And for the carpet and the bed of the Vistor, which is taken from Wistardan that is being spread in today’s Persian.

About Iranian carpet

About Iranian carpet and history of that

But the word of the About Iranian carpet or gentle of the city name is not known as the carpet (the principle of the city name, although the castle and nine city. There is a lot of Johnny and in Armenian, who is in the Armenia, in which Armiastan, which was part of ancient Iran, said. The course of the vocational dictionary has made the word carpet from the word Turkish carpet.

Harreh Naghshashrah About Iranian carpet of the Seventh Battle of the Seventh BC Greek speaks of the “Council of a” purified “after that BC, in the 401th BC. As well as who has been in advocacy with the ancient Iranians in the year 401. And reported that Iranians are accustomed to resting on soft carpets.

Looking at the map of geography today, we see the vast area of the country. So, including the countries of Asia Minor, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajeth, as well as China, Egypt, Spain, and Tajat, China, Egypt. And Spain, and even the Balkan-based Balkan countries.

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