History of handmade carpet in dubai

History of handmade carpet According to the ancient history of Iranian carpets and handmade carpets, we can now say that the product woven by Iranian artists is one of the best and most beautiful types of carpets in the world that international carpet experts have approved.

However, although the first knotted carpets were used as horse cover or desert tents in the 6th year, and afterward, many developments were made in the production of this product, researchers believe that the beginning of the flourishing of carpet weaving in Iran in the 5th and 6th centuries.

In recent years, with the advent of technology in many fields, including the area of carpet production, we have seen tremendous changes in the production of this product, so that at the beginning of carpet production by Iranian artists, elementary roles and easy designs on these textile products.

It was implemented, but over time there was a dramatic shift in the production of this product, resulting in a remarkable diversity in the handmade carpet market.

Historic and History of handmade carpet

Pazirik Carpet: This carpet is 4 years old and woven in 2 x 2 cm with about 2 knots. Baharestan Carpet: Known as Bahar Khosrow Carpet which is an excellent rug in Khosro Parviz era.

History of handmade carpet

Safavid Carpets:

Another of the most beautiful Iranian handmade carpets shows the creativity and genius of the artists during the Safavid era; during this period, carpets were drawn using designs of about 4 carpets and rugs.

Animal carpet bergamot:

Another Iranian carpet with a red background and beautiful designs, made of silk that has made it popular.

Chelsea Carpet:

Another of the world’s most beautiful carpets is the Chelsea Carpet, which is housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum Carpet Collection.

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