Modern Iranian carpet and its application

Modern Iranian carpets and Iran have long been known worldwide for their colourful rugs and paintings, and hardly anyone in the world has ever heard of Iranian carpets. Even the oldest carpet in the world, found in the grave of one of the Sakai rulers (from the Iranian nomadic peoples) in the Russian territory, is attributed to the Modern Iranian carpets.

 The same evidence shows that the carpet has long been a particular part of the decoration of Iranian houses and is an integral part of the decoration of Iranian homes. Its fabric has become associated with Iranian life.

 Some may believe that carpet is not very popular in modern decoration, but people’s willingness to buy rug proves the opposite; on the other hand, with a closer look, we will see the unique appearance of this Persian magic in decoration, but ahead To address this, we need to become more familiar with the rug and its designs.

Modern iranian carpet

Modern Iranian carpet and What is a carpet

The word carpet is an Arabic word meaning earth, and in Modern Iranian carpet, it mainly implies flooring and flooring, so carpet, rug, carpet, zilo, plus, etc. 

 Most people may not know the difference between a carpet and a rug, but as we’ve said, rugs are a common term for all types of carpets, while the rug is a subset of carpets, referring to luxurious that we know as handmade rugs and machine rugs.

Despite its thousands of years old Iranian carpet, it still has its freshness and beauty. With the preservation of its glory and originality, today’s colour and enamel are also woven according to today’s tastes.

 The rug may be considered suitable for traditional home decoration and contrasts with modern decoration, but the truth is that this contrast will give your home a magical look.

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